What Are The Risks Of Not Eating Enough Proteins

protein shakesIn modern era of development and modernization, people have become so much curious about their health and diet that they can go to extreme levels once they decide to start losing weight, without knowing about the havoc, which lack of proteins are playing in their bodies. Vigorous dieting can in turn lead to serious complications in our bodies. One might feel happy about the weight he is losing by dieting, but not knowing that it’s killing him from inside. Proteins are essential components of our daily diet which helps in increasing our muscle mass and combating against various pathogens in our bodies, so it is a misconception that stoppage of proteins intake in diet is a cure for your obesity. You might lose some weight, but your overall body would become weak and prone to diseases.

Interesting studies has also shown that the lack of proteins may be dangerous for females. It may cause various health problems so therefore the right diet is recommended. As a great source of proteins you may use shakes. What’s more you can find a lot about drinking protein shakes for women no matter if you are female or male, so you could make sure you get the right amount of proteins in your diet.

Side Effects Of Proteins Lack In Diet:

Decrease intake of proteins can lead to variety of diseases in our body such as:

  • Muscle wasting
  • Edema, which is due to accumulation o fluids in the body because of lack of proteins.
  • Kwashiorkor and Marasmus (diseases due to proteins energy malnutrition).
  • Loss of hairs.
  • Cardiovascular and liver effects.
  • Increase chances of illness.
  • Increase chances of bones fractures.
  • Lack of growth in children and infants.
  • Skin rashes and allergies.
  • Nausea, headache and generalized fatigue.

Protein Shakes And Supplements:

drinking protein shakes for womenThere are two types of amino acids 1) essential amino acids, which our bodies cannot manufacture by itself and it has to be taken in diet as an external source and 2) non essential amino acids, which our bodies can manufacture itself. Before starting dieting for weight loss, one needs to keep a proper check and balance about the calories input and calories output. A balanced quantity of proteins diet would always be required by our body as it would replace the fatty contents of our bellies with solid muscle mass. Its best available source can be found in the form of protein shakes and other supplements. It has been seen that people taking such supplements get strong benefits from it. It helps in providing protection against different kinds of illnesses and also in increasing the overall body mass. Protein shakes are rich in different form of nutrients such as biotin, multivitamins, antioxidants and other elements which really help in modifying your overall health. It provides substantial amount of care to your skin and also pace up the digestive process of the body. In other words, it is one of the best possible options available to overcome the risks associated with low protein intake.


Keeping in view the importance of our health, a balanced amount of proteins and all other nutritional sources is a necessary requirement for our body. One should always try to remain healthy and fit, with prominent abs and six packs which can only be done if you are taking enough quantity of proteins in our diet. Your muscular physique and general outlook reflects your whole personality, and for that purpose enough quantity of proteins intake is must in your diet.

Health benefits of massage chair

Imagine having a masseuse in your home 24/7? This is exactly what a massage chair is. The best massage chairs mimics the effects of a real life masseuse. It provides the benefits of regular massages from the comfort of your own home.

Why does it feel so good?

benefits of massageThe great part of a massage chair is that it adapts to each person’s height and weight which allows for specific care. It works through a series of gears rotating, rolling and vibrating to cause muscle movement and relaxation. Through relieving tension and lowering stress the massage chair makes people feel better about overall health and it improves their mental state. Not only do they physically feel better, as the tension is massaged away, they also have a more positive mental state.

Blood Circulation

Massage chairs help the blood stream because they increase blood circulation. This causes the entire body to relax, as well as the lungs which allows for optimal breathing. Better breathing also encourages blood flow. Basically the chair increases the body’s ability to push blood through the body to prevent numbness, stiffness and that dreaded tingling feeling when your foot happens to “fall asleep”.

Soreness and Tension

Massage chairs decrease muscle soreness and tension. The massage chair moves muscles to increase blood flow through the entire body, including problematic areas. The increased blood flow reduces muscle soreness and swelling. It also reduces tension that results in “knots”. Reduced tension allows for better posture, improved sleep and less stress.


Massage chairs increase the release of “feel good” chemicals that are secreted by the brain. These “feel good” chemicals are called “endorphins”. Endorphins have several health benefits stemming from lower anxiety, quicker recovery from injury and reduced pain. Endorphins make us feel better about ourselves; they are sometimes referred to “happy chemicals”. These are the same chemicals that create the “runner’s high” when exercising. They are also released when we are in love. So overall, they are great.

Better than a masseuse

There are several reasons to have a massage chair instead of scheduling regular appointments with a massage therapist. Massage chairs are much more convenient, you do not have to wait around to schedule an appointment. You use it when you need it – it is always available. It is also much more private because the chair is usually located in your own home. If you get hurt you do not have to wait a week to have your spine readjusted, you can walk into your basement, and have your wonderful chair do the job for you – instantly.

Massage chairs are also much more reliable; you know the quality of the massage will always be consistent. There are a lot of good massage therapists out there, but have you ever received a bad massage where you walked out of the office in more pain than when you arrived? This will not happen with a massage chair because of predictability of the machine and improved technology.


Everything you should know about Creatine Supplements

Everything you should know about Creatine Supplements

What you should know about creatine

Creatine is a compound that is popular among body builders and athletes because it has the capability of increasing the rate of energy production in the body. It is a compound that is produced naturally from synthesized amino acids by kidneys and the liver. We can also get it from eating white meat such as red meat poultry and fish. The more you read about this amazing supplement, the more you can benefit, improve your strength and learn what is the best creatine supplement e.g. by ibestcreatine that offers many information which may be helpful for you to make a progress.

best creatine supplementsCreatine Supplements

An athlete or a body builder will want to boost his or her energy and build muscles within the shortest time possible. This cannot be achieve through food that provides creatine, and that is why creatine supplements are provided to help their bodies add those pounds of pure muscles within a short time. An example of these supplements is the creatine monohydrate, which is pure and delivers the expected results faster. The user should however follow certain recommendations in order to avoid straining the kidneys in their process of removing unwanted creatine in the blood.

There are two main types of this compound namely phosphocreatine and free creatine. Phosphocreatine is used as a supplement because of its suitability in improving the body performance when doing anaerobic exercises. The compound creates adenosine triphosphate, which helps muscles to recover faster during exercises and hence enable the athlete to exercise for long without getting fatigued.

Many athletes will go for creatine to increase their muscle mass, for example those participating in competitive sports like sumo, weightlifting and wrestling. It is important to understand that the body will not gain any muscle mass if constant exercising of the body does not follow the intake of creatine. Failure to do exercises will result in gaining of body mass only. This can be looked at as a side effect because, when an athlete increases the body mass to a certain level, it will be difficult for him or her to participate in sporting activities.

Likely Side Effects and Risks

It is vital to remember that when you take more of creatine supplement you will not achieve the targeted results of having a stronger and faster body. Excess amount of the compound in your body will be interpreted as undesired antibodies that require to be expelled. This makes the liver and kidneys to be overworked. Another negative result over taking in a lot of creatine is that the body will stop generating its own creatine when it gets used to receiving huge amounts of it from outside. You can read more on this topic from here if you want to get more knowledge.best creatine

Muscle cramps, nausea, dehydration and weight gain are the few effects that will be experienced by a user within the first stages of using creatine. However, when you follow a healthy diet and do the exercises as required, the body will be balanced and it will be easy to achieve the desired results.

There is no evidence so far that indicates risks that healthy people may have when they use creatine. People with health conditions like kidney problems and diabetes should not use this kind of nutritional supplement. Healthy athletes have nothing to worry about using creatine because in addition to helping them excel in their sporting activities, the compound is known to lower cholesterol.